Data Center Audit


Only Power Quality analysis of your complete power system can give you full assurance & peace-of-mind that your critical facility is properly protected

ENPGS Power Quality audit include:

  • l A visual inspection of equipment, including subassemblies, wiring harness, contacts, cables & major components
  • l A through check up of voltage, currents, harmonics & Power factor
  • l Neutral to ground voltage
  • l A status check of alarm circuits
  • l A review of system perform


Energy Audit is the key to a systematic approach for decision-making in the area of energy management. It attempts to balance the total energy inputs with its use, and serves to identify all the energy streams in a facility. It quantifies energy usage according to its discrete functions. Industrial energy audit is an effective tool in defining and pursuing comprehensive energy management system. As per the Energy Conservation Act, 2001, Energy Audit is Mandatory for any type of Industry.

Data center

In an era of constrained resources, and increased concern for the environment, your data center’s high energy use is uncomfortably in the spotlight. But improving energy efficiency is possible in nearly any data center, often beginning with simple low-cost or no-cost measures.