Cooling Solutions

Cooling Solutions

ColdLogik™ rear coolers are the award-winning data center cooling solution, recognized with the most prestigious business prize award – The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation. ColdLogik™ product has exclusively won the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Certified Energy Efficient Datacenter (CEEDA) awards. One won Gold for best in class capability, and the other Silver for advanced capability.

We are also in the unrivaled position of having two top 10 projects in the Green 500 list, demonstrating the most efficient data centers in the world. ColdLogik™ rear coolers can cool from 1Kw to 106Kw. ColdLogik™ rear coolers have been installed within over 145 data centers worldwide, cooling over 38 megawatts.

If the end user has a fear of water at the back of the rack, we have a patented Leak Prevention Systems (LPS) that is a CDU that sucks the water under low negative pressure (0 to -14 psi) so if there is a leak, air is sucked into the hole while the system remains up and running.

ColdLogik Management System – CMS

The key element in controlling the room environment is the ColdLogik Management System(CMS). Each rear cooler is intelligently managed for optimum efficiency by embedded computers which continually adjust the operational parameters in response to the heat removal demands placed on the system. By making these continual load adjustments, the CMS controllers maintain the room ambient temperature.

ColdLogik Room Management System – RMS

The Room Management System (RMS) monitors and manages devices and plant on thenetwork by best optimisation, ensuring the room environment is maintained in the most energyefficient way. The RMS can be viewed remotely and locally providing full access and control.

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